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Münze Österreich 1g - Gold Bar

Producer:Münze Österreich (Austria)
Dimensions:15,1 x 8,8 x 0,5 mm

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Price incl. VAT: 72,72 € (2 072 CZK)

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Münze Österreich 1g - Zlatý slitek
Münze Österreich 1g - Zlatý slitek
Münze Österreich 1g - Gold Bar


Münze Österreich 1g Gold Bar is the smallest on the market and rather than as an investment it is more suitable as a gift not only for the loved ones, but also for business partners, corporate clients or employees. Lipizzaner figure on the back side is not only a safety feature, but also a decorative pattern that changes the bullion to very attractive and valuable gift.

Kinegram® technology that is applied to the bar, is the process of micro-loading of the two-dimensional image generated by computer. Image that Kinegram® creates consists of small invisible key areas composed of micro-profiles that refract light. Resulting Kinegram® image is composed with a wide range of colors which arise with different angles of refraction and its intensity.

The manufacturer of this bar is Münze Österreich Austrian Mint, which is a shareholder of Argor Heraeus SA. In cooperation with Argor Heraeus SA the company produces gold bars with purity of 999.9, which meet all the requirements and the norms of Good Delivery.

The foundation of Münze Österreich dates back to 1194. In the times of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire its primary use was to mint crowns, gold guilders, dollars, or ducats. Currently, the mint boasts the range of high-quality modern machinery that can produce up to 750 coins in a single hour. Due to its history, tradition and non-decreasing productivity, the Austrian State Mint has now become legendary. Despite privatization in 1989, it remains the only official Mint of Austria with the headquarters in Vienna. Its sole shareholder is the Austrian National Bank.

Gold bars Münze Österreich are stamped with data that guarantee their authenticity:

• Münze Österreich company logo

• weight

• material

• fineness

• Quality Seal Melter Assayer

• serial number

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