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Shipping & Payment


Personal collection

Personal collection can made in one of our offices in Bratislava or Trenčín. You can choose your preferred place during the order process.

Please note we do not hold any stock at the office premises, the time and date of collection therefore must be arranged in advance. We will make a contact with you regarding this. From the EU legal entities - VAT payers, we require for the personal collection in Bratislava and Trenčín "Declaration of Export" document.

Office Bratislava                                                              

Office Trenčín

Seberíniho 9, Bratislava 821 03 (2nd Floor, office Nr. 239) Legionárska 2, Trenčín 911 01 (3rd Floor, office Nr. 306)



Shipping and handling

If you select "Shipping and handling (Insured shipment)" option during the order process, the goods are dispatched either through Slovak posting service or EMS delivery company. Goods are always packed in cardboard box, padded envelop and special security envelop.

Safety features - Individual numbered envelopes, security tape, and perforated sides. There is absolutely no opacity on the envelope. The envelop cannot be opened without visible traces.


We always insure the shipment for full value of the goods.

Postage and insurance are paid by the buyer. This amount is calculated during the order and also features in the final invoice. Price includes transport cost, insurance shipment for the full value of the goods and packaging. Shipping price is inclusive of VAT.

Goods labeled "in stock" are generally shipped on the day when the payment is credited to the bank account; other goods are shipped within 3-7 working days. You will be informed regarding the dispatch of the goods.

Slovakia - postage rates for shipments with a value of:

  • up to 500 EUR - 4 EUR postage
  • 500,01 - 850 EUR - 7 EUR postage
  • 850,01 - 1.500 EUR - 8 EUR postage
  • 1.500,01 - 2.500 EUR - 10 EUR postage
  • 2.500,01 - 5.000 EUR - 14 EUR postage
  • 5.000,01 - 10.000 EUR - 20 EUR postage
  • 10.000,01 - 20.000 EUR - 26 EUR postage
  • 20.000,01 - 40.000 EUR - 60 EUR postage
  • 40.000,01 - 100.000 EUR - 100 EUR postage

Czech Republic - postage rates for shipments with a value of:

  • up to 12.000 CZK - 140 CZK  postage 
  • 12.001 - 25.000 CZK - 190 CZK postage
  • 25.001 - 50.000 CZK - 220 CZK  postage 
  • 50.001 - 100.000 CZK - 280 CZK  postage 
  • 100.001 - 200.000 CZK - 390 CZK  postage 
  • 200.001 - 300.000 CZK - 560 CZK  postage 
  • 300.001 - 600.000 CZK - 950 CZK  postage 
  • 600.001 CZK and more - individual

Other EU countries - postage rates for shipments with a value of:

  • up to 1.000 EUR - 20 EUR postage
  • 1.000,01 - 5.000 EUR - 60 EUR postage
  • 5.000,01 - 10.000 EUR - 110 EUR postage
  • 10.000,01 -20.000 EUR - 180 EUR postage
  • 20.000,01 EUR and more - can´t be delivered


Payment Terms


Payment to a bank account

The customer is obliged to finalise the order by paying the final invoice as soon as it has been received. The invoice due date is two days, and the payment date is the date of crediting the amount to the account of the seller. Seller has the right to ask the customer to send a copy of his or hers payment order which can be sent via e-mail.

Payments in EUR

  • Tatra banka, a.s., Slovakia: Account number: 2927879208/1100, IBAN: SK51 1100 0000 0029 2787 9208, SWIFT (BIC): TATRSKBX
  • Fio banka, a.s., Slovakia: Account number: 2400552356/8330, IBAN: SK19 8330 0000 0024 0055 2356, SWIFT (BIC): FIOZSKBAXXX

Payments in CZK

  • Fio banka, a.s., Slovakia: Account number: 2800552363/2010, IBAN: CZ92 2010 0000 0028 0055 2363, SWIFT (BIC): FIOBCZPPXXX


Payment in cash

Payment in cash is possible by appointment only upon the personal collection of the goods. We accept cash payment in the amount prescribed by law, up to 5.000 EUR/day/customer or the equivalent in CZK.


Payment on delivery

Orders with payment on delivery are available only in Slovakia at the request of the client with the total value of order up to 500 EUR. If you are interested in this method of payment, please inform us of this fact in the last step of the order in the "Note" section or send us an additional e-mail. We do not charge any additional fees for payment on delivery, postage rates are the same as those listed above.


Payment by card

Card payment is currently not possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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products labeled "In stock" we generally shipped on the day of the payment to the bank account, other goods are shipped during 3-7 working days
packages are sent in a special security cover and insured for the full value of the goods
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