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Krugerrand 1/10 Oz - Gold Coin - 10 pcs

Producer:Rand Refinery (JAR)
Dimensions:16,5 x 1,3 mm
Availability:3 - 7 Days
Price incl. VAT: 1 588,82 € (42 898 CZK)

Krugerrand 1/10 Oz - Zlatá mince - 10 ks
Krugerrand 1/10 Oz - Zlatá mince - 10 ks


Gold coin Krugerrand was first issued in 1967 and was the first gold coin that was sold at the market for the price of gold. Old gold coins, such as sovereign (English gold coin) had the market price according to the denomination value, which was stamped on them and no longer fitted the current market value of gold. Krugerrand was also the first gold coin that contained exactly one ounce of gold. With its release 1 ounce (1 Oz) weight was then adopted as a standard for minting coins, which contained exactly one ounce of pure gold.

The Krugerrand coin began being serial-line produced in 1970 and throughout a period of 9 years (1970 -1979) they were the only 1 Oz coins on the international market, which made them the most widely used gold coins in the world with very high liquidity. Krugerrand is easy to buy and sell around the world. Its worldwide success has stimulated many countries to start issuing their own 1 Oz coins.

Gold coin Krugerrand has no denomination value and its value depends solely on the current gold price. Krugerrand has 916.7 fineness (22 carats) and comes in four variants: 1 Oz, 1/2 Oz, 1/4 Oz and 1/10 Oz. For added strength of the coin copper is added, which affects the color.

The South African Krugerrand is official tender and meets all the requirements and characteristics of gold investment coins.

The obverse of the Krugerrand gold coin displays Former South African President Paul Kruger (1883-1902). The reverse side depicts antelope, which is the symbol of South Africa.

Unless specified in the product name, the minting year of gold coins is not distinguished.

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